Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fifty and Counting...

Fifty and counting.....That is what happened in May. Big "M" turned fifty! No matter what age you are I believe you should have a special day, therefore I set out to plan a very special day for Big "M" to celebrate his milestone in life. For those of you that know Big "M", know that his special day in his eyes would have been just an ordinary day. But those that know me, know that was not happening. So knowing my husband, I knew there was no way to surprise him and I had to have the conversation with him..."Do you want a party or not?" And to my disbelief he said, "Let's have a party." I think he really said yes, because he knew my heart was set on giving him a party.

Fifty and counting....

I was given the green light for a party and the light bulbs started going off. In the planning stages I knew I wanted it to be simple, because that is what Big "M" would want.  I went with a Booze and BBQ theme.  I decorated with his monogram and wood grain, sprinkling in his love for duck hunting and offshore sport fishing.  I chose the colors royal blue, navy and wood grain tan.

The guest list was family and friends. And let's just say that is a crowd. Big "M" has a large family. I did surprise him with having one of his best friends from Illinois to come into town to celebrate with him.

The menu for the evening was very heavy on the bbq side.  Big "M" loves his bbq and I wanted that to show.  We had bbq chicken, ribs, pulled pork and brisket.  And of course chicken tenders for the kiddos.  And along with the bbq we had all the southern sides you could ask for; green beans, corn on the cob, cole slaw, potato salad, macaroni and cheese and potato chips.
The BBQ Table 

Silverware Bags


Party Cups

The dessert menu was even better...  We had a traditional yellow cake with butter cream icing birthday cake, cookies (Tuna and Mallard Ducks) and banana pudding.

Free Spooling - Tuna Cookies

Bag Limit - Mallard Cookies

The boozes was just that.  We set up a bar on the deck with a little bit of everything to suit all our guest taste.  And of course, I got busy and forgot to get any pictures of the bar.  Also on the deck, we set up a salty spot.  I used a vintage wheel barrel filled with galvanized buckets that held; popcorn, peanuts and pretzels.  And here again, I didn't get a picture of the salty spot either.

I found favors for all ages....  The adult only bags were tiny brown bags of mini bottles that read "Take a Shot on Me - Thanks for Coming".  And for the kids I had blue gummy fish and cinnamon hot shots - replica of shotgun shells.

With all the simple planning, it was party time. Our house was full of family and friends, everyone was stuffed and stories and good times commenced. And all in all, Big "M' was excited that we had a party. Here's to fifty and counting for Big "M".

Make a wish....


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  1. Hi Jenn! Very cool party! You paid so much attention to all the details and to what would make your guests feel welcome. Your hubby must have LOVED it all! I'm going to try and sign up for your emails again. I am currently not receiving them...maybe I should check my spam file first. I don't want to miss any more posts! Enjoy your weekend!