Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beginning to be a Saturday Morning Ritual.....

The last month or so I have started my Saturday mornings off the same way and that is by hitting Estate Sales. This is a new adventure for me and one that is beginning to be a ritual.

I have always wanted to attend an estate sale, but just never did for some reason or another. About a month ago, Big M was out of town and I was up early, so I decided that day would be the day to attend. I threw on a hat, hit the teller machine for cash and Starbuck's to get my blood flowing with some caffine.

I pulled up at the estate sale about 10 minutes early. It was still cold, so I decided I'll sit right here in my warm car - needless did I know estate sales have a sign up sheet. The clock struck 7am and I made my way up to the home. Not having a clue what I was doing, I walked around lesiurely in the home. To my dismay, things were disappearing and sold stickers were appearing everywhere within minutes.

It only took one sale and I had figured out the ropes. I knew the next time that I needed to arrive early, sign in, have a tote bag on hand to collect my loot and an ink pen for sold stickers. The next Saturday rolled around and I was off. Arrived early and made some scores. I was hooked. From that Saturday on, I have been scoping out the sales and making a plan of attack, which has become my Saturday morning ritual.

Here's some of my scores...
Windsor Chair "Before"

Windsor Chair "After"

Table Cloths, Dinner and Cocktail Napkins

Ginger Jars

Duck Bookends

Nut Nutcracker
The inside 

Blue Willow China

Hope these pictures entice you to find a Saturday morning ritual rummage estate sale!  


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bucket List - 1/2 Marathon - Check

On April 13th, I competed in my fist 1/2 marathon. I can now say a 1/2 marathon is checked off my bucket list. It truly was a sense of accomplishment for me.

The Bestie and I post race

A lot of my friends and family ask the question "Why" or was a "Bear Chasing you." It was a personal goal that I set for myself once I started running. I've only been running for about 2 years. I self taught myself to run, by running from mailbox to mailbox in my neighborhood. Over a period of time I would increase my distance. Prior to beginning training for the 1/2 marathon I was running 5 miles at least 4 days a week.

I made the decision to compete in the 1/2 marathon in April 2013. The Rock n Roll Marathon annouced it would have an ingraual race in Raleigh and I knew this was the 1/2 marathon that I wanted to do. The enrollment began and I pressed the button and paid my entry fee. I knew from this point, that I was on the hook to complete my goal.

I started researching training methods and decided on Hal Higdon. I chose his novice 1/2 marathon training program, but ablibed the program based on how much that I currently was running. It is a 12 week program and takes a lot of dedication - Training is 6 days a week. Whew..... I really had to make a consious effort to make sure that I worked in my schedule training time.

Week 1 of training began the week of January 20th. Can you say cold weather. I decided I would start my training on the treadmill and move to the outside once Spring came. The weeks began to pass, miles started to increase, my time was getting harder to come by, Spring was a long ways away and I was in the midst of extensive work travel. I knew I had to keep pushing (thanks to Big "M" and a best friend for lots of encouragement) I kept pushing.

Not only did my best friend offer lots of encouragement but decided that she would travel several states to run the actual 1/2 marathon with me. Now, the best friend is a marathon runner, has several 1/2 marathons, marathons and ragnar relays under her belt.

On Friday, April 11th, I picked the bestie up at the airport to begin a fun weekend and lots of stomach knots for me. We spent the weekend doing what we do best; porch talking, eating, cocktails, and antiquing.

We rose early on Sunday morning (Don't think I slept at all) and headed to the race. Thank goodness I had a pro with me leading me around in regards to time and finding our corral. We got in place and waited for our corral wave to begin.

We're off... I knew the course was hilly going in, but needless to say I had no idea that it was THIS HILLY. The bestie and I chatted and laughed. About Mile 8 I was sooooo ready to give up, but knew that was not happening. And about that time I passed an individual carry his full military backpack. Can you say adrenial kicked in and how could I ever think about giving up. Mile 10, the bestie says "we're running home" and home we went.

I can't even begin to tell you in words what it felt like when we turned the street to the final stretch to the finish line. I spotted Big "M" and knew I was home. The crowd was cheering and encouraging every runner - "You got this." We crossed the finished line and immediately was adored with our race bling.

The spotting of Big "M"

Crossing the finish line

The high five from the Bestie

Just received our race bling

Big "M" greeted me at the finish line with a huge high five and words "I knew you could do it"! I had a permament smile. And while there were so many people celebrating the accomplsihment or personal records, it was absent to so many people that two runners had collasped and passed away during the race. My heart goes out to their families and to know they want ever get to place that check mark by their goal of a 1/2 marathoner.

Big "M" and I 

Although this was a huge accomplishment for me and so many others, it makes you put life in perspective. There are so many individuals that can't run for so many reason and will never feel this accomplishment. For those that can't run, I share my accomplishment with you, so go ahead and place a check on your bucket list for a 1/2 marathon - WE did it!