Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Home - Master Bedroom and Bath

The Home tour continues.  Today I am sharing my Master Bedroom and Bath.  This room is probably the most neutral room in our home.  I try to keep it very simple so that it appeals to Big "M" and soothing to the eye.  Black and Tan are my color choices and I pop this with buffalo check and toile.

My artwork of choice for this room is different renditions of the Sunset Draw Bridge, Sunset Beach, NC.

The Master Bath is also very neutral.  I continue the black and tan color choice and pops of buffalo check and toile.

       My monogram guest towels are from one of my favorite monogram stores Celerie and South 

                                 The vintage brass soap dish holds soap shaped into a Westie.

The corner table belonged to my maternal grandmother and always held vintage items at her home.  So in keeping with the tradition it now holds several vintage finds at my home.

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Home - Guest Bedroom

Thought I would start sharing my passions with you.  First up my home - the guest bedroom.....

Since I have family and friends that live out of state a guest room is a must at my home, but it mostly gets used by my Mother.  My mother and I share the same passions for gardening and interior design, so we spend a lot of time together.  Nothing like having a blood partner in crime.  

                                              I hope my guest always have "Sweet Dreams"

I have filled my guest bedroom with things that have lots of sentimental value to me and my guest.  Like the plate on the stand in the above picture.  This is a plate from my paternal grandmother's china.  At her passing, all the grandgirls wanted her china.  So the best we could do was split it up so that we each would have a piece.  

The flower frogs are just a few of a major collection that you will see through out my home.  The bad thing is when your mother is your shopping partner, you like the same things, it's hard to fight your mom for certain items.  And she as well as a huge flower frog collection, so it's on a first come basis when we spy one.

And anytime you find yourself in the south - my guest room might be available.

"Sweet Dreams"

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ready or Not, Here I Come

Hello Y'all and Welcome to my blog!

Ready or not is how I'm feeling.... I'm a true Southerner and as you know Southerners like to take things a little slow. With that said I'm a little slow of getting into the blog world, but I'm ready.  I hope to share my passions and everyday southern life with you.

I'm married to a free spooling and bag limit lover, better known as "Big M". I have a fabulous step daughter, son n law and the cutest grandson that a "Gigi" could ask for. And last but not least mom to a prestiages Lab "Boomer", spoiled little Westie "Bella" and a duck chaser in training "Ranger".
                                                                   Big "M" and Me




I make my home in the Southern state of North Carolina, which I try very hard to fill with all things that I love. I will drive or fly near and far to fetch things that make our home - "Home Sweet Home." And if I'm not inside our home, I'm outside. Give me a pair of wellies and garden glooves and you'll find me digging in the dirt putting my green thumb to use. So while I love all things that make my home - "Home Sweet Home", my family is the center and really what makes my home.

So ready or not, I'm ready to share my passions with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and thanks for stopping by to read my blog.