Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beginning to be a Saturday Morning Ritual.....

The last month or so I have started my Saturday mornings off the same way and that is by hitting Estate Sales. This is a new adventure for me and one that is beginning to be a ritual.

I have always wanted to attend an estate sale, but just never did for some reason or another. About a month ago, Big M was out of town and I was up early, so I decided that day would be the day to attend. I threw on a hat, hit the teller machine for cash and Starbuck's to get my blood flowing with some caffine.

I pulled up at the estate sale about 10 minutes early. It was still cold, so I decided I'll sit right here in my warm car - needless did I know estate sales have a sign up sheet. The clock struck 7am and I made my way up to the home. Not having a clue what I was doing, I walked around lesiurely in the home. To my dismay, things were disappearing and sold stickers were appearing everywhere within minutes.

It only took one sale and I had figured out the ropes. I knew the next time that I needed to arrive early, sign in, have a tote bag on hand to collect my loot and an ink pen for sold stickers. The next Saturday rolled around and I was off. Arrived early and made some scores. I was hooked. From that Saturday on, I have been scoping out the sales and making a plan of attack, which has become my Saturday morning ritual.

Here's some of my scores...
Windsor Chair "Before"

Windsor Chair "After"

Table Cloths, Dinner and Cocktail Napkins

Ginger Jars

Duck Bookends

Nut Nutcracker
The inside 

Blue Willow China

Hope these pictures entice you to find a Saturday morning ritual rummage estate sale!  



  1. Great finds! We are cut from the same cloth and love a lot of the same things! Hope you're having a great week Girlie!
    xoxo, Michelle

  2. P.S. Do you have where you live? I think it might be national...I get weekly updates, with pictures of what's for sale at the local estate sales. It's a total addiction isn't it? =)

    1. Hey Michelle! Thanks for the great comments! And yes, is what I follow. The pictures are what get me in trouble, because I want to hit all of them every Saturday. Maybe one day we can estate sale together....